Name:   Wksht #4 Score:    
  those that thin thin white  
  whole white thus thin whole  
  thus whim thrive whip thrive  
  whole whale that whine whiff  
  wheel than whiff that whim  
  them thrill thus white whip  
  white them those thud whim  
  than thug them them whine  
  thrive while those them wheat  
  whale whip thrill those thrive  
  whole thrive that those thud  
  whet than whine wheat whet  
  wheat wheel whole whet whim  
  thrive thrill thud whet thud  
  those whine than wheat whole  
  thrive wheat thrive those thrive  
  thud whiff thud than whale  
  thrive thrill wheat white them  
  whale white whim thug wheat  
  thrive whiff than whale whole  
Copyright 2003 - 2005 by Dick Briggs  All Rights Reserved Blends and Diagraphs (Long/Short) Lesson 22